Got Healthcare? Only 75 Days

by Kevin Kane, Healthcare Organizer, Citizen Action of Wisconsin (414) 550 8280 (cell)

The Affordable Care Act is moving forward, only 75 days until the new health marketplace is up and running, on October 1st. Are you prepared?

Citizen Action has traveled the state over the last two years and spoken over 250 times to thousands of people on the Affordable Care Act and how to talk about it. Now the ultimate test is if Wisconsin can enroll roughly a quarter of a million citizens in the new healthcare options, and we have 75 days to let people know what’s coming.

Click here to see the presentation we have been showing around the state

Totally viewable online as well as downloadable to share. Also a link to a new cartoon on what is about to occur after October 1st.

But do me a favor. Below the presentation is a suggestion bar. We are going to create videos, blogs, pictures and more to make sure we all know what’s coming and prepare for it. And we need to hear from you: what questions do you still have on health reform? What answers would you like to see to help explain what’s coming from the Affordable Care Act?

Ask and we will create them.

Click here to see the presentation on the Affordable Care Act, and tell us the questions you still have.

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