Greed loses key whips November 8, 2011

By Patricia Obletz, Editor

Public workers keep their collective bargaining rights in Ohio.
Women keep control of their bodies in Mississippi.
Voters still have the right to register and vote on the same day in Maine.
But Voter ID still shackles tens of millions of Americans in seven states, including Wisconsin.

In this Second American Revolution that Wisconsin public workers ignited, consciousness raised by unprecedented lust for money inspired We the People to speak out on our own behalf and vote to rid American life of tyranny. We the people also can overcome voter suppression, another root of evil in greed.

After the GOPers revealed their intention to wipe out birth control as well as abortion, to decimate healthcare, education and collective bargaining rights for pubic worker unions, a friend said that the social programs that make America a true democracy are the aberration and that we now have reverted to the old order. Happily, the November 8, 2011, election proved her wrong, setting the stage for 2012.

Money does strange things to people, right? Those who think they own the purse strings usually assume that their wishes are their command, losing sight of true democracy. Most of us know this fact from personal experience. And watching politicians at work, especially in 2011.

But We the People are winning this Second American Revolution without bearing arms. The violence in this latest war for right over might is bred by the lust and madness that militarized the cops in too many cities in too many countries

Unnecessary pain

Inhumane deprivation of the majority of people is still the weapon of choice in the book of Greed, as always. Thankfully, most of Earth’s citizens now know the possibilities of true democracy and are more determined than ever to attain the spiritual freedom that true democracy delivers.

In the recently released book, a transcription of “Jacqueline Kennedy Historic Conversation on Life with John F. Kennedy, Interviews with Arthur M. Schlesinger, JR, 1964,” Mrs. Kennedy says, “I can remember (Jack) being so disgusted . . . (T)here sat my stepfather putting a great slab of pate de foie gras on his toast and saying it was simply appalling to think that the minimum wage should be a dollar twenty-five. And Jack saying to me later . . . ‘Do you realize that those laundry women in the South get sixty cents an hour?’ Or sixty cents a day . . . . And how horrified he was (when Eisenhower said of the) Cuban refugees: “Of course they’d be so great if you could just ship a lot of them up in trucks from Miami and use ‘em as servants for twenty dollars a month, but I suppose somebody’d raise a fuss if you tried to do that.’ (Jack) was so appalled at all these rich people just thinking of how you can live on --- Not thinking how can you live just on twenty dollars a month, but just to use these people like slaves. He was just so hurt for them . . . . That awful---Republican sort of --- . . . a Republican friend of my stepfather said, ‘Why don’t you get labor to do it? If you took a dollar a week out of all of labor’s wages, you could have the money raised in no time at all.’ (Jack) was just really sickened by that and said, “Can you think what a dollar a week out of their wages would mean to all those people?’”

That was in 1964. Fifty years, apparently, have given the GOPers the idea that they no longer need to hide behind closed doors.

Consciousness has been raised publically in 2011 on so many more levels than in the 1960s and ‘70s. Labor has joined the Civil Rights and Peace movements. Maybe love isn’t the umbrella word for today’s march toward balance. But respect for all that lives and breathes and grows is the heart of The Golden Rule, God’s only law in my book: treat others as you want to be treated. Unless you like unnecessary pain.

Look out Gov. Walker, big money cannot save you. Greed lost in Ohio, remember?

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Last edited by Tyler Schuster. Based on work by patricia Obletz.  Page last modified on November 20, 2011

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