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PeaceOfMind: HEARINGNOTICETheWorstGunBillWeveEverSeen

HEARING NOTICE: The worst gun bill we’ve ever seen

Unbelievable! With absolutely no regard for the safety of our children or our communities, Wisconsin senators have scheduled a hearing and are plowing ahead with the reckless, dangerous, NRA-backed “permitless gun carry” bill. With so much on the line, we don’t have a choice. We’ve got to stop this bill!

That’s why we’re going to be at the hearing to look our lawmakers in the eye while they try to justify eliminating permits, training, and background checks for people who carry hidden, loaded guns in public. Will you attend this critical hearing with me?

>>>RSVP by clicking here to let me know that you’ll join the WAVE team at the State Capitol in Madison on Wednesday, May 31 to speak out against the “permitless gun carry” bill.

WAVE is working at our “highest alert level” because this extreme proposal to allow just about anyone to carry hidden guns in public, no questions asked, is, frankly, one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced in our efforts to protect Wisconsin families from gun violence.

We know the facts and common sense are on our side. That’s why seven other states, including Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana, have already rejected similar bills this legislative session. But the NRA wants a “win,” and they would like nothing more than to get it here.
Sign up now to attend the hearing in Madison. We’ll get you everything you need so you’ll be fully prepared to speak out against this dangerous bill.

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