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August 7, 2013

SPLC exposes U.S. religious right’s exportation of anti-LGBT hate to Belize

As the LGBT community makes strides toward equality in the U.S., domestic anti-LGBT groups are attempting to sway a legal battle in the Caribbean. The outcome of the case – which challenges the criminalization of consensual sex between gay men and lesbians – could affect criminal statutes in a dozen other countries.

Morris Dees’ congressional testimony on race and justice

The SPLC’s founder testified before a special Congressional panel on race and justice in America. He talked about the Zimmerman case, the unfinished business of the civil rights movement, and our work for justice and fairness in the courtrooms and classrooms of our country. Read the rest of the statement.

Hatewatch exclusive: Activist son of KKK leader renounces white nationalism

Derek Black – son of a white nationalist leader who operates the world’s largest racist web forum – renounced the racism he has promoted on his own radio show. He went public with his decision in an e-mail to the SPLC, calling the ideology “principally flawed” and “an entrenched desire to preserve white power at the expense of others.”

SPLC wins justice for children in Mobile

An agreement with Mobile County Public Schools in Alabama will implement alternative forms of discipline and reduce excessively long suspensions — some more than 40 days — for minor misbehavior. These steps will resolve a 2011 federal lawsuit filed by the SPLC on behalf of seven students.

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