Health Care Rally in Milwaukee 1/15

Hi Friends-

As you know, Congressional Republicans have made repealing the Affordable Care Act their top legislative priority and are pushing this agenda in the first few weeks of the new Congress, without offering up any alternative.

Senator Baldwin’s campaign is teaming up with Citizen Action of Wisconsin to sponsor a rally in Milwaukee as part of a national day of action to tell Republicans not to take away people’s health care.

The rally will be in Milwaukee on Sunday, January 15th at 11:30 a.m. Location is still being finalized, but it will be close to downtown.

We are looking for your help. We would love to have as many organizations as possible spread the word or sponsor the event to help us build a big crowd to show that Wisconsinites oppose Republican efforts to take away people’s health care. We should have a flyer and landing page created in the next day or so that we will circulate as well.

We especially need your help in identifying speakers for the rally. We need real people who have been helped by the ACA or other national health care programs who are willing to tell their story about how difficult it will be if their health care is taken away. You will find some sample profiles below of the kind of stories we’re looking for.

The point of contact for the rally is Tammy’s Political Director Scott Spector. Gillian Drummond, is coordinating speakers at the event. They are both included below.

Thanks so much for all you do!

Janet Piraino

Wisconsin ACA Events Messaging

Telling the story – through real Wisconsinites sharing their personal stories - of the wide range of ACA health coverage benefits that the GOP are taking away.

The personal experiences that these people share will serve to illustrate all of the ways that the new health law has and is helping to improve access to meaningful coverage and care as well as what is at stake under the new GOP regime.

Key stories to find and highlight during event - (goal is to find 4–5 from this list of options)

1. Adult with Pre-existing condition –

  • someone who was finally able to get health insurance because they had a serious pre-existing condition. (cancer, etc), or
  • someone who was charged more or denied insurance prior to the ACA because of a PEC; or
  • someone who acquired condition recently and repeal would take away existing insurance

2. Child with pre-existing condition –

  • Parents who have a sick child/child born with severe condition who could not get coverage prior to the ACA or would be charged more under repeal.

3. Free preventive services –

  • adult who finally was able to see a doctor for free colorectal screening etc

4. Women’s free preventive services –

  • a woman who could finally get a mammogram/cervical cancer screening and doctor found cancer; or
  • a woman who finally can afford birth control because it is free.

5. Premium subsidies –

  • someone who can only afford a health plan because they receive a Marketplace premium subsidy; or
  • someone who saw the cost of their insurance decrease because they can now get a subsidy

6. Senior with donut hole discount –

  • senior who received a rebate check or who can only afford their lifesaving Rx drug because of the donut hole discounts.

7. Dependent coverage 26 yrs –

  • parents who were able to keep their child on their plan or
  • a young adult who is still on their parents’ plan and has a condition where they need insurance; or
  • young adult who would not be able to afford insurance with their entry level job out of college.

8. Small Business Owner –

  • Small business owner who can only afford health insurance for his/her family because of ACA Marketplace subsidies (individual market) or
  • Business owner who could finally offer insurance to his/her employees through the SHOP.

9. Maternity coverage –

  • A mother, expecting mother or even a couple wanting kids who have a plan that covers maternity care thanks to ACA (it is an essential health benefit). Before the ACA, only one individual health plan in the entire state offered maternity coverage (Tammy really like this talking point, BTW)

10. Health provider –

  • Nurse, PA, doctor etc who has seen the good that ACA provides their patients – (can be any of the benefits - maybe they saw patients who couldn’t afford their meds prior to the ACA or someone whose patient was denied coverage due to a pre-ex condition before the law.

Janet Piraino

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