Health Prices are Finally Public

After months of waiting, after Wisconsin because the only state to not publish them, and even after Citizen Action had to publicly demand them for the 3rd year in a row, Wisconsin’s health insurance prices for 2016 plans are finally publicly available. And we want to tell you what to expect.

Use’s Comparison Tool to Search By Zip Code

Right now you can search by zip code to see what plans, companies, prices and more are available in your county. You don’t need to log in or create a username and password, just provide an age and estimate annual income to see what is available.

And there’s good news and bad news. Some areas of the state see new insurance options, others lost them. And while insurance premiums generally have not skyrocketed, they are still very expensive. Wisconsin has been one of the most expensive states in the nation for health insurance, and even a 4% increase means a large dollar amount.

What is most concerning are the deductibles and out of pocket costs. Our comparison of major metro areas of the state show that for the most commonly available plan, deductibles increased 40% on average. More and more insurance companies are pushing more of the burden on consumers. And both Walker’s Insurance Commissioner and the State Legislature seem to have no desire to fight for more affordable coverage for you and me.

Important Topics to Remember:

  • Open Enrollment starts on November 1st and goes until January 31st

  • Insurance companies are pushing more and more of the cost of healthcare onto consumers, meaning hundreds even thousands more in costs when someone gets sick or injured.

  • The Walker Administration has made no effort to challenge these higher prices and costs for consumers. The state needs to act to challenge these insurance companies and guarantee quality affordable healthcare!

  • Other states are not seeing the same rise in deductibles that we are, and if Wisconsin doesn’t act we will fall behind. Wisconsin is already one of the most expensive state in the country for health insurance.

  • It is important, even if you are currently covered, to go back and compare new options. There are new options, new plans, new rates and different tax credits. Be sure to visit today!

Here’s the link one more time:

Use’s Comparison Tool to Search By Zip Code

Use this link and help others learn how they too can get healthcare coverage that can never be taken away.

By Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer: Citizen Action of Wisconsin

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