Help us spread the word about what to do in a crisis.

In a mental health crisis, call 414–257–7222.

Getting individuals in crisis connected to the care they need quickly is paramount. A fast connection to specially trained staff who can help to de-escalate, provide over-the phone assessment, assist law enforcement and other agencies and connect callers with community resources or referrals can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division has a 24/7 crisis line available for individuals to call during such a situation.

We’re asking all of our providers like you to help us remind individuals in your network to direct all individuals facing a mental health crisis to call the BHD Crisis Line at 414–257–7222.

We encourage you to share the Crisis Services brochure with individuals in your network and remind them to direct anyone who is facing a crisis to call the BHD Crisis line at 414–257–7222.

Click here to download the Crisis Services brochure

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