He’s feeling the pressure

By Jeri Bonavia, Dir., WAVE - “Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort” wave@waveedfund.org

It all started when Rep. Michael Schraa proposed prohibiting Wisconsin police and physicians from working to keep our streets and our citizens safe.

Since then, more than one thousand of WAVE’s supporters have written, called and posted online in fierce opposition to this so-called “Firearms Freedom Act.”

It’s clear your voice is being heard. We’ve already made headlines. And now, in response to our backlash, Rep. Schraa just made a desperate cry for help at a gun rally:

“We need your prayers because the legislators that [sic] are going to support me on this bill, uh, are going to be attacked and made to look like radicals. I have already received about 150 emails from a group called WAVE… Uh, so we need your prayers. We need you to start to spread the word about this bill and write and call your state senator and state assembly reps.”

Keep up the pressure by posting this graphic on Facebook and asking your friends and family to contact their state representatives right now.

Not on Facebook? email five friends, or tweet this message to your followers:

Don’t let @repschraa punish cops and docs for working to keep Wisconsin safe. Tell your reps. to vote NO on LRB 2063: http://bit.ly/1c77TqH

We’ve got the edge, but this fight is just heating up. In the coming weeks, we’ll provide updates on where the bill stands and what you can do to help make sure it’s defeated. But right now is a crucial time to keep building pressure on EVERY representative in Madison to do the right thing, and your friends can do just that.

Let’s make sure our elected officials stand up for the safety of our families, not the gun lobby’s dangerous wish list.

Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort Educational Fund is Wisconsin’s only statewide grassroots organization solely dedicated to reducing gun violence, injuries and deaths. Through research, education and advocacy, WAVE raises awareness about firearm violence, provides up to date information to the public and to policy makers, and promotes common sense gun violence prevention measures.

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