Highlights from 2014 so far: The Good News and Pivotal Facts

Oh boy, as my dear friend who died at 101 as 2011 began used to say; his tone varied depending on whether events got really good, or really bad. The following links show some of the progress We the People are making against giant wealth and power; a number of these stories expose the GOP mindset that denies the existence of human and civil rights, sharpening the need to make sure we get everyone possible out to register to vote.

Tues. 12/23/14: Solution to improve public trust with law enforcement unveiled:

Sat., 11/29/14: Face the Racist In You:

Wed., 11/19/14: Wisconsin Solution:

Fri. 11/14/14: Golden Rule Practitioner Adversaries On View:

Wed. 11/12/14: Who Knew WI Gov Was Such A Comedian?

Sat. 11/8/14: Watch: ‘Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note to America by #Ferguson Kids’

Sat. 11/1/14: Know who you’re voting for!

Mon. 10/27/14: Nobel Prize Winning Economist Declares GOP Bad for USA: VOTE THEM OUT NOV. 4, 2014:

Fri. 10/24/14: Ignorance on parade:


Sun. 10/19/14: Leon Todd says, “Negro Sellout Willie Wade sides with the Bucks billionaire owners, not his constituents!

“Is Corporate Welfare part of Alderman Wade’s dreams?”

Sat. 10/18/14: The truth hurts Walker -- again!

Wed. 10/15/14: It’s About Time We See Justice Done!

Thurs. 10/9/14: BREAKING NEWS: Voter ID blocked!

Wed. 10/8/14: Mental Health in Milwaukee Improves:

Wed. 10/8/14: WI Gov. Caught In the Act:

Mon. 10/6/14: Sanity Reigns:

Sat. 10/4/14: New research: Values: Conservative v. Liberals

Thurs. 9/25/14: This should happen in Milwaukee!

Sun. 9/21/14: MPS Endorses Common Ground’s FairPlay Campaign: “Children V. Bucks”

Sat. 9/20/14: Health care law saves consumers money, provides more resources to states

Sun. 9/14/14: Profile of Left & Right Mindsets:

Sun. 9/14/14: Global Solution to Local Problems:

Sat. 9/13/14: Birth Certificate No Longer Required 4 WI Voter’s ID:

Sat. 9/13/14: Hope for Milwaukee:

Wed. 9/10/14: Milwaukee Needs This Too:

Mon. 9/8/14: Forbes magazine declares Pres. Obama “the best economic president”:

Wed. 9/3/14: CeeLo Green dropped!

Tues. 9/2/14: Critical Read for Police Chief Flynn and ALL Milwaukeans:


Black and White Portraits:

Sat. 8/30/14: We can stop this Neanderthal mindset of GOP owners in Novembers 2014 and 2016:

Thurs. 8/28/14: Facts about yourself you may not realize:


Wed. 8/27/14: Nature’s medicine works surprising wonders!

Mon. 8/25/14: Black and white facts:

Wed. 8/20/14: Clarion call for 1960s-style nationwide non-violent movement against racist figures of authority:

Tues. 8/19/14: Urge your radio station to dump this hate-fueled character:

Mon. 8/18/14:

Sat. 8/16/14: Will wonders never cease!

Thurs. 8/14/14: It’s about time!

Thurs. 8/14/14: USA still perpetrates genocide at home:

Fri. 7/25/14: Finding the cure:

Thurs. 7/24/14: November 4, 2014, The Great Decider Election

Wed. 7/23/14: There’s still time to fight for sanity in Wisconsin – you know who supports you know who:

Tues. 7/8/14: Voting November 4, 2014, Makes A Difference:

Tues 7/1/14: Candidate Identifies Sane/Moral/Ethical Solutions:

Thurs. 6/26/14: Kochs brothers: Do you hear us now?

Thurs. 6/26/14: More reasons to know your candidates before you VOTE

Fri. 6/20/14: Scott Walker at center of criminal scheme

Sun. 6/15/14: Facts vs. Spin

Wed. 6/11/14: One down, many to go. Vote November 4, 2014!

Wed. 6/4/14: Activism Working for the Majority:

Tues. 6/3: Know the enemy:

Wed., 5/28/14: Advocacy works!

Wed. 5/21/14: Sherriff Clarke’s ugly, violent nature expose by WAVE’s Jeri Bonavia in Huffington Post:

Fri., 5/9/14:

More Reasons to Keep Taxpayer Dollars in Public Schools:

OMG! Can you believe this?

Fri., 5/2/14: “(A)s people become more social dominant, they become more psychopathic….”

Tues., 4/29/14: Ignorance exposed and ousted! Which includes WI Voter ID Law!



Fri., 4/25/14: We still have time before November to roust every ignorant we know and show them the truth


Thurs. 4/17/14:

1] Students Confront Racism at Harvard:

2] Are there still Voters who need to know which political party hurts the majority of Americans? Show them Gallup’s recent poll:

Sat. 4/5/14: Tea party losses are always good news, but we know what the incumbents and their majority SCOTUS judges just did with the McCutcheon case.

Sat. 4/5/14: Activist Noam Chomsky tells you why the next election decides the quality of all life on earth:

Thurs. 4/3/14: Wonders Never Cease - The Truth Shows Up In Only Milwaukee Daily:

Mon. 3/31/14: You’d Think That Wisconsin Would Be Better At This Than Alabama.

Thurs. 3/27/14: Justice Moves Forward Again, Step By Step:

Thurs. 3/27/14: Vote Out the Koch brothers -Don’t Re-Elect WI. Gov. So Wisconsin Can Do This Too:

Wed. 3/19/14: Only we the people can overcome greed and the news is:

Wed. 3/12/14: It’s about time that Willie Hines was proven unqualified. Vote for candidates who serve only justice.

Tues. 3/4/14: If Europe can do, USA can too. Vote this April & November:

Mon. 2/25/14: Evidently personal experience is the best way to teach old dogs new tricks, but:

Mon. 2/24/14: The deniers continue to endanger the earth and the majority of people.

Mon. 2/17/14: Great Britain has the guts, why doesn’t the USA?

Fri. 2/14/14: VP Joe Biden casts doubts on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Tues. 2/11/14: Voting Rights and Righting Wrong:

Mon. 2/10/14: When strong people speak out about injustice against a minority group, minds can be opened. NFL player Michael Sam busts one stereotype and hopefully opens minds:

Mon. 2/10/14: The people have no choice but to fight the oppressors with non-violent protest and the power of our votes this November!

Fri. 2/7/14: Robert Reich not afraid to speak truth to power

Thurs. 02/06/14: Milwaukee County Board passed the Living Wage Ordinance: $11.47 that will go up with the cost of living.

Wed. 2/5/14: Tobacco Giants Suffer New Blow:

2/4/14: Birth control keeps abortions down! Hooray 4 Obamacare!

2/4/14: “Blaming the victim” receives powerful blow from brave New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof, butting the face of fame, fortune and honors.

2/4/14: The age-old “blame the victim” pose is exposed in Jessica Valenti’s Feb. 3, 2014 piece in The Nation:

2/4/14: In the mid-90s, Mental Health World (1992–2008) published an in-depth article on childhood sexual abuse. Reprinted with permission at

Thurs. 1/30/14: If New York City can do it, why won’t Milwaukee?

Wed. 1/29/14: Wow! Milwaukee is NOT the most dangerous city for black people, but it’s too close to worst for comfort:

Tues. 1/21/14: Center For Disease Control & Prevention Concludes Black Dads Rock!

Fri. 1/17/14: Yes. Push for the corporate death penalty!

Wed. 1/15/14: And so 2014 heads toward the all-crucial mid-term November elections.

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