Highlights from 2016 so far: The Good News and Pivotal Facts

Oh boy, as my dear friend used to say. He, Milton Rogovin, died 18 days into 2011. The last time we lunched was December 29, a day or so before his 101st birthday party. His adored wife Anne entered eternity in 2003. Anne and Milton worked for peace and justice, using their talents to raise awareness of people who too many people ignore: “The Forgotten Ones,” which became the title one of Milton’s books.

This loving couple, both artists and activists, documented their work to raise awareness and strengthen the universal consciousness that knows the way to heaven is through practicing The Golden Rule. Anne wrote books that were introduced by Dr. Benjamin Spock and Ed Asner about helping children learn how to live with developmental wiring/physical problems.

Milton, after losing his job as an optometrist because Wisconsin’s Joe McCarthy publically accused Milton of being Un-American Activities because he had attended some Communist meetings. A friend of ours introduced us in 2001 and we quickly we realized that we were kindred spirits, documenting ways to help improve justice, bastion of sanity and safety. The following links show some of the progress We the People are making against the indifference that giant wealth and power can breed. A number of these reports expose the GOP mindset that denies the existence of human and civil rights, which sharpens the need to make sure we get everyone possible to learn about the candidates and register to vote.

The Rogovins marched even when in wheelchairs.

DOJ draft details recommendations for Milwaukee police August 31st, 2017

By Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee

Thurs. 8/24/17: Jim Crow-Era Tactics Rejected as Texas GOP Racist Voter ID Law Smacked Down

Fri. 8/18/17: “Calling for a congressional hearing on the 13th Amendment’s enslavement clause and its role in producing the world’s largest prison population.

Sat. 7/29/17: U.S. police chiefs blast Trump for endorsing ‘police brutality’

Sat. 7/29/17: Trump’s White Nationalism Torments Us Now, But the ‘Centrality of Whiteness’ Will Fade Away

Wed. 7.27/17: Health Care Vote: Senate Rejects Repeal Without Replace

Sun. 7/23/17: On Fighting Inequality, Which Nations Do More Than Pay Lip Service?

Sun. 7/9/17: On being human:

Mon. 7/3/17: Bernie Sanders on Resisting Trump, Why the Democratic Party Is an Absolute Failure and More

Sun. 7/2/17: History Has Already Prepared Us For Resistance, If Only We’d Listen

Sun. 7/2/17: Optimism in the Face of Crisis: How the Left Will Win

Wed. 6/28/17: You don’t need college for tech jobs!

Mon. 6/12/17: And so begins democracy at home:

Thurs. 5/11/17: Federal Ethics Office Wants To Know If Trump Appointees Are Keeping Their Promises

Fri. 3/24/17: What a day! Physical and mental health care insurance continue because legislators want votes in 2018! If you haven’t yet, add your voice in calls and letters to your legislators:

Thurs. 2/3/17: Advocacy Works:

Mon. 1/30/17: Justice at work:

Mon. 1/23/17: The cavalry: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/22/us/politics/trump-foreign-payments-constitution-lawsuit.html

Sun. 1/8/17: Will sick hate trump ‘nice’? https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/jeff-sessions-should-have-been-a-tough-sell-in-the-us-senate-thats-not-likely/2017/01/07/2de7c280-d44f-11e6-9cb0-54ab630851e8_story.html

Fri. 1/6/2017: Who really has the power? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/josh-rogin/wp/2017/01/06/mattis-clashing-with-trump-transition-team-over-pentagon-staffing

Fri. 1/6/2017: First Lady Michelle Obama key to overcoming hate and fear after 1/20/17: http://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/06/opinion/sunday/michelle-obama-can-now-speak-her-mind-will-she.html

Wed. 12/14/16: What to do until the Messiah Comes: http://www.teenvogue.com/story/donald-trump-is-gaslighting-america

Tues. 12/13/16: Prepping for USA Life after 01/20/17: A call to arms from Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Sun. 12/4/16: Advocacy Works: https://thinkprogress.org/breaking-army-corps-halts-work-on-standing-rock-pipeline-dba07edd8e81

Wed. 11/16/16: Turning the Tables: Edward Snowden: We Should Not Fear Trump

Fri 10/7/16: Nov. 8 Vote for the way you want to be treated:

Wed. 9/28/16: Identification is the first step toward healing: U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel

Wed. 8/24/16: Advocacy working for justice: On private federal prisons, a victory for independent journalism

Thurs. 8/18/16: Justice, Come to Wisconsin: 7 Chicago Officers Face Firing Over Laquan McDonald Cover-Up

Tues. 7/12/16: Ask yourself: Would (you) be happy to be treated as this society in general treats our black citizens.

Sat. 7/9/16: This is what white people can do to support #BlackLivesMatter

Fri 3/18/16: Portrait of Sanity:

Fri. 2/5/16: Watch Alicia Keys: http://weareheremovement.com/

Mon. 1/25/16: Hope, may it spring eternal:

Tues. 01/19/16: Keeping county parks safe for political activity

Mon. 01/18/16: Golden Rule Practitioners Win 30-Year Battle and Save the World:

Weds. 01/13/16: Suggestions for reviving Grand Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue:

Thurs. 1/7/16: Oneness, essence of The Golden Rule:


USA v Germany 2016:

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