Hispanic LIBRE Initiative Is More Backdoor Bail Out

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

December 1, 2015

As election season gets closer, the pandering for Hispanic votes begins. The electoral process in the Hispanic community is about to be inundated with Koch Brothers, Scott Walker and Republican Party talk of small government leads to prosperity rhetoric. The target for this message is the Hispanic community of Wisconsin, especially in Milwaukee.

The organization to lead this campaign in the Latino community is called LIBRE.

LIBRE was founded in 2011 by Daniel Garza, a former aide to George W. Bush. Almost all of LIBRE funding comes from Koch Brothers and their political affiliates.

The LIBRE Initiative will be organizing to provide direct social services, such as health checkups, in the Latino community, and to press support for various Republican political campaigns, such as immigration reform. Surprisingly, not much has been said about this initiative by Hispanic organizations politically opposed to the Republican agenda.

LIBRE will attempt to sway Hispanic voters away from the Democratic Party, but this attempt will be money wasted on the bank accounts of the few Hispanic supporters willing to step forward to amplify the spin and puff soundbites of a now obsolete and bankrupt Republican message.

Indeed, what the Koch Brothers probably do not know, and I’m sure weren’t told by those pressing for the money to come to Wisconsin, is that this time the Hispanic community has heard enough of the beguilement by Scott Walker and his Koch Brother money-hungry Hispanic partners.

The people behind the LIBRE initiative are nothing more than the Koch Brothers, the Republican Party, and Scott Walker marketing a false message about the Republican principles that clearly Walker does not believe in.
Money Ill Spent

The Koch Brothers are pouring $9 million nationally into the LIBRE effort and now they have turned their attention to Wisconsin by seeking to hire a “Field Director” to organize a GOP message many Hispanics have come realize is as worthless as Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke taking a trip to the Middle East.

Still, the Koch Brothers are dolling out the money so someone has to pocket it. And while LIBRE’s future Wisconsin field director attempts to turn out the Hispanic vote for the Republicans, what is the trade-off for the Latino community?

What has the Wisconsin Republican Party, Scott Walker, the Koch Brothers, or the RNC done for Latinos?

Scott Walker was supposed to create 250,000 jobs of which presumably many would have directly or indirectly benefited the Latino community. Instead, Scott Walker let Wisconsin fall from 20th place in 2010 to 34th in job creation, according to the latest job creation rankings.

Have the Republican legislators in Congress advanced a fair, comprehensive immigration reform? The answer is NO. The GOP knows that Wisconsin’s corporations, whose owners are mostly Republican, rely heavily on hiring undocumented workers, especially for our state’s agricultural industry.

How many Hispanics hold high level, key positions in Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan, or Scott Walker administrations? I’m not talking about people who they parade out in front of cameras and crowds, I’m talking about key positions? The answer is Zero.

With this kind of track record, the Hispanic support for the Wisconsin GOP LIBRE initiative, and the RNC is limited to just a few insiders benefiting for themselves, hardly a reason to vote for Republicans. No immigration comprehensive reform! No jobs! No high-ranking Hispanics within the party, failing public schools - how is it that LIBRE can come to the Latino community with a straight face and say the Republican Party is for the Latinos?

How many Hispanic Republicans have attempted to help Walker’s Republican Party in Wisconsin?

Has the Republican Party nurtured them as leaders? No.

Here are some examples of Hispanics chewed up by the GOP and then thrown under the bus after Walker and his party got what they wanted from them: Perfecto Rivera, Reynaldo Martinez, Ivan Gamboa, Jose Flores, Manny Perez. What key position of leadership do any of these loyal Hispanic Republicans hold in the Wisconsin Republican Party?

Zeus Rodriquez is touted around the nation as leading and successfully running one of this country’s largest voucher schools system, and is a member of the Jeb Bush for President National Campaign Committee, yet his biggest splash in the Republican Party is to take pictures with Jeb, Scott and Rand Paul.

In addition, Scott Walker had in Manny Perez a top Hispanic labor economist who in a few months achieved the highest labor growth rate in the first few months of the Walker administration. But that work was rewarded with, as DWD sources say, manipulations, innuendos, and false statements designed to ruin him as Secretary of Workforce Development.

At this time, the current “Chair” of Republican Hispanics is Joe Medina. He did not even have the strength of character to publicly call out out Scott Walker when Walker wanted to build a wall along the boarder of Mexico. Fortunately, savvy moderate and independent Republicans nationwide did see what Joe Medina refuses to open his eyes to regarding Walker, which is the reason why Walker failed in his presidential bid and now owes $1 million dollars for debt incurred from that effort.

So will the LIBRE initiative bring about internal changes regarding the way the GOP has treated its Hispanic members? Will the LIBRE initiative be manipulated into a back door money shifting operation to bail out Walker’s presidential campaign debt? My hunch is the latter.

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