How Might Wisconsin accept federal funds for BadgerCare?

How Wisconsin Could Accept the Federal Funds

By Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer Citizen Action of Wisconsin

While Republicans control the State Legislature, more and more states have changed their mind and accepted the federal funds, and some have asked to do so in new ways. Wisconsin could accept the funds the traditional way and ensure thousands could access BadgerCare (the ideal), or we could look to one of the other states who have done so. Iowa offers one effective model: our neighbor to the Southwest has accepted the federal funds in a novel way, by ensuring that thousands of people enrolled in private insurance plans can actually afford them! Here in Wisconsin Scott Walker has forced tens of thousands to buy private insurance instead of BadgerCare, if we follow Iowa’s example these citizens could actually afford the plans they are now enrolling in! LEARN MORE HERE

So how should we be talking about the federal funds for BadgerCare?

  • The upcoming state budget is going to start off with a $315 million hole to cover fewer people unless we accept the federal funds! (URGENT)

  • Tens of thousands of consumers struggling to make ends meet are now buying private insurance plans that are far too expensive for them, and if we accepted the federal Medicaid funds we could make coverage truly affordable. (MORAL)

  • There has been super-majority support (73%) for the referendums on accepting the federal funds for BadgerCare in communities across Wisconsin, now the Legislature needs to listen to the voters. (POPULAR)

  • More and more Republican-led states have accepted the federal Medicaid funds - in the last year alone Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Indiana, Utah, Wyoming, and New Hampshire all moved toward accepting the federal Medicaid funds - more than 27 states! (INEVITABLE)

Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer Citizen Action of Wisconsin

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