How the Brookfield killer got his gun

Dear People:

There’s one thing you need to know about the man who murdered three people, including his wife, and wounded four more in Brookfield on Sunday.

He never should have been able to buy the gun he used in that spa shooting spree.

Just three days earlier, a Milwaukee court slapped him with a restraining order, legally barring him from having a gun. But just like people with serious mental illness or a criminal history, he had plenty of places to buy a gun without a background check.

Glaring loopholes in our gun laws make it all too easy to buy guns from private sellers, who do not — in fact, cannot — run background checks. And these types of no-background-check, cash-and-carry sales happen every day in parking lots, at gun shows and online.

Zina Haughton and the two others killed Sunday certainly weren’t the first victims of this loophole, and until background checks are required at ALL gun sales, they absolutely won’t be the last.

Watch this shocking video of an undercover investigator buying an assault rifle from the same website that Zina’s killer did — then help spread the word.

It’s a chilling firsthand look at just how easy it is to trade cash for guns, with no questions asked, in our country.

There’s no reason, no excuse to let this lethal loophole stand. Please watch the video for yourself, and then share it online to spread awareness about the urgent need to close this deadly loophole.

In peace,
Jeri Bonavia

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