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PeaceOfMind: IAmNotANumber

I Am Not A Number

View my delusion,
Cycle with my mania,
Come down like a roll a coaster
And feel my depression,
Lock me up.

Because I don’t want to medicate,
Because I don’t want to comply,
Dump me in a shelter.
Throw me in a residence.
Speak as if I can’t hear you.

Pretend I like the ECT Treatment.
Pretend I like to lose my memory.
Pretend I like the side effects.
As you use me for your thesis.
As you use me in your next case study.
As you conform me.

Drop me into a system,
Tell me it will be better,
Tell me I will feel happiness.
For I am nolonger young,
For time has creeped upon me,
For I miss the family I no longer have,
For I can’t hear another lie,
While I sit here isolated,
Within these walls,
Pretending I am Free.

By Megan Dwyer-Cossou

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