I can’t be silent another moment

By Anneliese Dickman, WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

After I got my kids off to school this morning, I turned on the TV. I could not comprehend the news. Was this a new shooting? Was this old footage? I looked to Facebook to help me make sense of the disturbing images on the screen, and the first post I saw was from a dear friend. Her loved one had been at the concert last night in Las Vegas. He was shot in the chest from hundreds of yards away. She doesn’t know anything more.

I felt sick. My heart raced. I cried. And then I turned to my family, my friends, and my co-workers and came up with a plan. But I need your help. Please join me in refusing to be silent another moment. Please join me in taking action in honor of my friend and all those deeply affected by this horrible shooting.
Today, you and I are going to:

1) Call House Speaker Paul Ryan. Congress is getting ready to vote on a bill, HR 3668, that would deregulate flash suppressors, silencers, and armor-piercing ammunition. We’re going to tell him to kill this NRA-priority bill. We’re going to tell him we expect action from Congress, not silence. Call Speaker Ryan at (202) 225–3031.

2) Call Governor Scott Walker, too. Our state legislature is considering SB169, a dangerous bill that would allow “permitless gun carrying” in public places like school grounds. You and I are going to let him know that he must put the safety of Wisconsin citizens above the desires of the gun industry. Call Governor Walker at (608) 266–1212.

3) Plan for WAVE’s upcoming lobby day on November 1. Nothing is more effective than meeting face-to-face with our legislators. I would love it if you would register to join us. I am going to make sure you have all the resources you need to be an effective citizen advocate for life-saving public policies.

4) Host a day of action. I’m hosting a day of action on Wednesday at the WAVE office in Milwaukee. You can host your own this week at home, or anywhere you can gather a few friends. Gather some pens, paper, and envelopes and ask everyone to write a letter to your state senator demanding that the dangerous permitless gun carry bill be stopped.

5) Share important messages and actions on Facebook and Twitter. The WAVE Facebook page and Twitter feed will keep you updated on actions and events that make a difference. Please share our posts and help spread the word.

Whether you take one, two or all of the above actions, I’ll be grateful to you. And I’ll let my friend know that our WAVE community is thinking of her and doing all that we can. None of us should be waking up to news of a mass shooting. None of us should be waiting and hoping and praying to hear from a loved one.

Thank you,

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