I never knew there was anything wrong until after I had recovered.

By Philip “Philo” Kassner

Just tired , was all.

Just angry , was all.

Just a little depressed, was all…

But nothing was wrong.

The pillow over my head and off to sleep at 6 P.M.

Never going out on drinking binges longer than 14 days.

And never missing a day of work…

No matter how hung over…

That’s what coffee is for.

One night rather than getting into a bar fight…

I went home and put my anger into words…

And never stopped writing…

Until twelve years later I noticed:

The anger is gone.

The depression is gone.

The fatigue is gone.

But I am here.

Twelve years and more words than Shakespeare

It took to cure me.

I never knew anything was wrong until I recovered.
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