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PeaceOfMind: IfTransportationIsYour1PriorityMakeSureSurvivalCoalitionKnowsIt

Transportation your #1 priority? Make sure Survival Coalition knows it.

Accessible, affordable transportation is essential to the independence of people with disabilities and holder adults. We need your input!

Have you taken Survival Coalition’s transportation survey yet? We need to hear from additional people with disabilities and older adults! Have you asked your friends, family, and professionals who work with people with disabilities and older adults to take the survey? If not, please click on the link to take the survey and/or ask others to do so.

Results will be shared with policy makers as we work towards improving transportation options for people with disabilities and older adults.

The July 31st deadline is approaching, and we are getting closer to our goal to have 500 people with disabilities, older adults, and their families from across the state respond to our transportation survey.

Make sure your voice is included! Deadline to complete the survey is July 31st!

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