Important early voting information

The upcoming elections are critically important. And sadly, the school shooting in Washington last Friday gave us yet another tragic reminder of what happens when elected leaders fail to act on gun violence.

I’ve had enough “reminders.” And, as one of the thousands of people who signed our “Not One More” pledge to vote this November, I know you have too.

So don’t wait — cast your vote today, or any time before early voting ends at 5pm on Friday, October 31. All it takes is a visit to your municipal clerk’s office.

To find your early voting location, click the link and follow these simple steps:

1. Click “Regular Voter”

2. Click “Address Search”

3. Enter your address and scroll down to view your municipal clerk’s location information

Remember, no matter what else you do, voting is still the single most effective way to make your voice heard for the Wisconsin you want to live in.

Your vote is an antidote to the gun lobby’s campaign spending, back-room political meddling and reckless “guns anywhere” agenda. Your vote is your voice.

Don’t sit this one out.

by Jeri Bonavia
Dir., WAVE, Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

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