Important Medicaid Survey – Please Complete and Share Widely

Good morning, Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force and Make It Work Milwaukee. Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) is a member of the Survival Coalition of Wisconsin Disability Organizations. Survival has been working on strategies to educate and inform the disability community about possible radical changes to Medicaid that are under consideration, as well as how to educate policymakers about the impact this will have on Wisconsinites with disabilities, including mental health needs. One key component to this effort is gathering information from Wisconsinites with disabilities, and others, who rely on Medicaid programs.

Survival Coalition has launched an important survey to gather information about Medicaid usage from adults and children with disabilities, older adults, their families, care providers, and low income adults. You can take this survey, share the link, and ask others to take it. Many people are unaware that the health care, supports, services, and programs they are familiar with (Family Care, IRIS, CCS, TCM, CLTS, Katie Beckett) are funded by Medicaid.

Policymakers in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C. are proposing big changes to Medicaid, including Medicaid Block Grants. These changes could happen quickly and could have big impacts on people with disabilities, older adults, and other who rely on Medicaid services and supports. The survey asks about the Medicaid services and supports that you or your loved ones use to help you live your life and stay healthy, and how important these supports are to your life.

We are also eager to gather stories about how Wisconsin’s diverse Medicaid programs benefit adults and children with disabilities and their families. As part of the survey, there is a question asking participants about willingness to share their story. We also appreciate your help in identifying people who are willing to share their story, and will be developing a standalone form to capture those stories.

Thanks for your help with sharing the survey widely!

Barbara Beckert, Milwaukee Office Director: DISABILITY RIGHTS WISCONSIN
6737 W. Washington St., Suite 3230, Milwaukee, WI 53214
414–773–4646 Ext 2724 Voice
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