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PeaceOfMind: InOneAnother

In One Another

By Megan Dwyer-Cossou

Mortgage companies get greedy,
Bailed out Fanny Mae,
Bailed out Freddy Mac,
Yet the rest of the pack must suffer,
Find their way on the poverty track.

Work harder,
See these young grads on the streets,
Tell them to go to school,
Tell them to stay in school,
And they will ask you for what.

Work harder,
Let me deduct that cost of living,
Let me deduct every increase,
Taken out of our pockets,
Given to the banks,
For their profits.

Press on follow the leader,
Where are we going,
The kids may not have a focus,
But at least they’ve posed a question,
The reporter asked when are you leaving,
And the response was when things start to Change.

Like the song goes times they are a changing,
Are you ready to sit back,
Will your children say you lost your voice,
Open your windows,
Open your eyes,
Find your soap box,
And don’t forget about the working class soldiers,
Who created your dream
Because they need to sweat less and rest more,
Because the game is long,
The race is hard,
The competition is fierce,
The drive is complicated.

We must gear up,
To climb this Mountain,
To find our strength,
For it is in one another.

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