In the Best Interest of the Majority

by Jennifer Epps-Addison

Wisconsin Jobs Now

In Wisconsin, we value the ability of our city, town and county elected officials to determine what’s in the best interests of our communities. Unfortunately, Wisconsin Republicans have lost that value. In this legislative session, local control has been diminished over and over again. They’ll keep going- unless we let them know that enough is enough.

Senator Glenn Grothman’s anti-local control bill, SB 626, goes to committee next week. The bill would take away local control and make local living wage laws (like the one we just passed in Milwaukee County) illegal. It’s just the latest extreme attack on local control, seeking to overturn decisions of local elected officials.

It is absolutely urgent that every single one of us call our state senator AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

To find out your senator and their office number, click here. Here are some tips for when you call:

  • Be polite and respectful, especially when you ask your Senator to oppose SB 626.
  • Let them know you’re a constituent and provide your name, phone number, and address.
  • Give them a few reasons why you want them to oppose SB 626 (e.g. “I value local control and this bill takes that away,” or “We’ve had it with all these attacks on local control in Wisconsin”)

When an issue like local control directly affects you, it’s crucial that your state legislators hear from you directly.

Contact your legislator RIGHT NOW and tell them to vote NO on SB626.

This bill sets a horrible precedent for Wisconsin. By stripping citizens of our ability to make our own local rules in our own backyards, state legislators are trampling on the tenets of local control that they claim to uphold.

Don’t let them get away with it.

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