Inaugurating a Term of Solidarity

Plan to join faith leaders from around the country who will spend part of Inauguration Day in Juneau, Wisconsin. As a new Administration starts in Washington DC, a renewed commitment to resist hatred, division and cruel policy choices will be inaugurated on:

Friday, January 20, 2017, 3:00 pm
Dodge County Detention Facility 216 W. Center Street, Juneau, WI

WISDOM, the Wisconsin network of faith communities, will be joined by leaders of the national Gamaliel network for a prayer vigil on Inauguration Day that will demonstrate our commitment to resist words, deeds and policies that would hurt immigrant families. The message of the day will be one of solidarity: all people of good will need to stand side-by-side to reject the politics of division and fear and to support all those who have been targeted.

The November election and the divisive, racist rhetoric that accompanied it, have revealed some deep divisions in our country. Policies have been proposed and discussed that would serve no good purpose but that would seriously hurt children, families and hard-working members of our communities.

The Dodge County Detention Facility was chosen as the site for the gathering because it is used as an immigrant detention center. WISDOM will proclaim that all us of, regardless of race, immigration status, conviction history, disability, sexual orientation or economic class, are part of one human family that must not be divided.

WISDOM: Linking people of faith across Wisconsin to work for justice!
2821 N. Fourth Street, #537
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 831–2070

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