By Rosemary Ollison


I have seen many beautiful things
But I have never seen anything as beautiful as INDIVIDUALITY

INDIVIDUALITY is difficult to obtain
Few know their identity
Few know who they really are
Few know who God created them to be

I have seen beautiful groups of birds
But not one have I seen with INDIVIDUALITY
I have heard their beautiful songs
You have the melody of the humming bird
You have the melody of the raven
Each group has its own melody unique to its group

All animals find their identity in their own group
You have groups of dogs
You have groups of cats
You have groups of sheep
And so goes groups

Animals suffers no harm from being identified with a group
Because God created them that way

Humans cannot find true identity within a group
Humans are not like animals
Humans are created in God’s likeness
There is ONE GOD!!!
There is one YOU!
CLAIM the person God created you to be

About the images that accompany this poem:

My latest project is awe-inspiring, even to me. God told me to embellish 500 pig neck bones. I couldn’t stop until I did 850. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t know a thousand words to tell you about the pigs neck bones, therefore, I will use a few pictures. The project (which is not finished) involves bracelets and necklaces. Absolutely everything with a top is covered with pig neck bones!

God’s purpose for giving me neck bones is to allow me to see one gift in its completeness. He has given me thousands of gifts, but each gift is so large that I cannot see the whole gift. For example he gave me over 2,000 images, but I can observe only a few at a time. With the neck bones it is different: I can see all 850 at one time. I get up at night and look at their beauty, each one is a masterpiece to me. Their beauty is mesmerizing! My desire and prayer is that I be given the space to enjoy and share my gifts. There is no other purpose for what I do.

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