Insulting. Outrageous. WRONG.

by Jeri Bonavia, Ex. Dir.,, WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

Last Tuesday, in the midst of Suicide Prevention Week, hundreds of us sent our legislators new evidence proving that gun-purchase waiting periods save lives — the kind of evidence that demonstrates just how reckless they were when they repealed Wisconsin’s 48-hour cooling off period earlier this year.

What we sent them last week was a respectful, important message that a true leader would welcome — yet one of the legislators sent a reply to a WAVE supporter that was so crude, so arrogant and ugly, so flat-out WRONG, we just had to let you see it for yourself.

And now, with your help, we’re going to make sure every single lawmaker in Madison sees it — and knows that we will not tolerate them shutting down public debate, denying the facts, or insulting one of their own constituents.

Click here to demand a public apology — help mount a “Citizens’ Censure” of Rep. Allen for his willful ignorance and unacceptable arrogance. And we’ll automatically send a copy to your elected officials, too.

What Rep. Allen seems hell-bent on denying is the demonstrable FACT that the quicker and easier people in crisis can get their hands on guns, the more likely there will be a deadly outcome. [1]

This isn’t even a matter of debate among scientific researchers! Literally every U.S. study of the relationship between gun access and suicide rates agrees on that point.

And the power of waiting periods was highlighted by the study that found that the longer the waiting period, the lower the gun suicide rate. The truth is that putting time and distance between a person in crisis and a firearm is a matter of life and death.

So, Rep. Allen, do we really believe people in crisis will reconsider suicide if they have to wait to get a gun? Absolutely. Because it’s not about “beliefs,” it’s about evidence!

Send Rep. Allen the facts and demand a public apology for insulting his constituent and disgracing his office.

When an elected official responds to one of us -- to ANY Wisconsin citizen -- there’s just no excuse for this level of arrogance or ignorance. It’s a slap in the face, and I refuse to let him get away with it. Are you with me?

Let’s get loud,


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