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PeaceOfMind: IntellectualDishonestyWhiteAndFullerSetStageForFor-profitEducation

Intellectual Dishonesty: White and Fuller set stage for for-profit education

By Dennis Redovich, author,† The White Fuller Sham


Editorís Note: Compare what the governor is doing to education in 2013 Wisconsin to this July 23, 1995 press release just in from Leon Todd, e-mail:>†

Intellectual dishonesty is a serious charge.† It is even more serious when the venue from which such dishonesty is disseminated is a university campus.† It is extremely flagrant when the dishonesty comes from a conspiracy between two university campuses with the intention of driving public policy to the wrong conclusion about low-income people of color and the quality of education their children are receiving from public schools.† It is egregious when such intellectual dishonesty is orchestrated and paid for by right wing foundations and supported as serious research by hypocritical, Teflon Toms, in the white press with the objective of driving students of color to a cheaper and less productive educational alternative.

Such a situation exists in Milwaukee today.† In a conspicuously objectionable case of intellectual dishonesty.† The recently released White/Fuller study, White from UWM and Fuller from Marquette, was hyped in a July 18th article in the Milwaukee Jourinel† and can, at best, be described as a study seriously flawed by two lame researchers and; at worst, as hypocritical deceit, intentionally contrived to manipulate public policy as it relates to poverty for selfish personal gain.

When viewed from the eyes of a competent researcher, the facts prove contrary to the results of the White/Fuller study.† Dr. Dennis W. Redovich, Retired Director of Research for MATC, has published the truth, visible for all who are interested to see.† The White/ Fuller composite data supposedly shows that 49.3% of non-low income students were at or above the 50th percentile in reading and math scores (Fifth Grade) compared to 33.3% for low income students for 1983/84.† White and Fuller claim this gap of 16 points, which can not be verified, compares to a 30 point spread that was suspiciously contrived for† .93–94, a significant difference on the surface.† The verifiable gap for .83/84 turned out to be over 20 points for both reading and math individually.† Further-more, as Dr. Redovich accurately points out, the .93/94 test results were based on: a much different (harder) test with accelerated norms, and on data which was statistically unreliable because of commingled averages of averages, instead of actual test scores.

White and Fuller deliberately took composite MPS reading and math test results from 1983/84 and compared them to composite results from 93/94 to obtain the infamous gap.† But, there are 3 serious research and/or statistical problems upon which these composite findings are based which need close scrutiny:† one, there was a significant change in 1987/88 in the difficulty of test questions along with a major change in the structure or layout of test questions that would distort results after .87/88; two, the test results are not comparable because the test standards or norms were significantly upgraded in 1988/89 for all tests which followed, including the test for 1993/94; and three, White/Fuller lamely combined the math and reading test into a composite or average of averages which statistically cannot yield any comparable or intelligent results.† Further, standardized results have not been published for any of the composite scores.† It was a known change in the questions, format, and standards that caused a change in the results, not a change in the quality of MPS curriculum, teaching or student population that provoked the dramatic gap in test results between the years before .87/88 and those after .88/89 as White and Fuller charge.† Any attempt at comparison between test results given after 1988/89 and those given prior to 1987/88 will obviously produce erroneous findings.† And, to add insult to injury, White/Fuller incorrectly attempted a spurious composite score by preforming a simple average of an average instead of using raw data for their statistical comparison.† Angry yet?† Wait till I.m finished!

Despite all of the white media hype from the Jourinel,† Fuller admittedly did not make a dent in the depressing problems facing MPS, problems of lower achievement test scores, higher dropout rates, and excessive truancy statistics.† As a matter of fact, the current trends are particularly depressing when you look at how well the district was doing under former Superintendent Lee McMurrin.† Using the same raw data, incidentally, the gap between achieving and non achieving students was rapidly narrowing under McMurrin, not widening as under Fuller.† But the business community and the white press found it expedient to drive Lee McMurrin out of the city.† After all .the boys downtown. couldn.t target a successful public school district for privatization in their heinous raid on the public tax treasury; now could they?

Intellectual stupidity can be forgiven.† Intellectual fraud is a serious offense at any serious university!

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