Is Walker using anti-immigrant legislation to extort money from Wisconsin Dairy and Other Businesses?

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Spanish Journal

The anti-immigrant Legislation many in the private business sectors and worker rights groups who feel the laws would shock Wisconsin’s economy, has moved rather quickly through the Assembly.

According to different studies, between 14,000 and 20,000 undocumented workers are employed in the Wisconsin manufacturing and dairy farm industries.

Interesting that Walker would not consider how these bills would impact those businesses, especially because many of them contributed money to Walker’s campaigns.

Several studies outline that the contribution to the Wisconsin economy by undocumented workers is in the billions. But we also know that Walker’s campaign fund ended with less than $30,000 dollars in 2015. Ouch!

And now interestingly the Secretary of the Wisconsin Republican Party has been named to the newly formed ethics and elections committee. Hmmm….

We also know Walker is $1 million in debt because of his ambitious effort to become president of the United States. How do you spell RELIEF?

Walker’s authority to veto or sign the anti-immigrant legislation puts him in a great position to leverage dairy and manufacturing into massive contributions to win his veto over the destructive bills.

Delaying his decision to veto the bills puts him in the driver’s seat and forces business leaders to pay towards his debt relief campaign.

The business owners in Wisconsin who rely on undocumented workers are on the hook to pay the $1 million debt Walker is desperately trying to get rid of.

Some might call this tactic extortion, selling a decision, which I think is illegal.

Business owners should demand vetoing the anti-immigrant legislation without any expectation nor commitment of current or future donations or contributions. And authorities should exercise a close watch on these activities.

We also know that NO legislation moves through the Assembly without having the prior consent of the Governor. We saw that action in the open records law, ACT 10, etc.

So it stands to reason that the anti-immigrant legislation passage was given the OK from Walker long before it went through the Assembly, even though he knew full well in advance that it will be detrimental to the private sector economy of Wisconsin.

Nice try Gubna. Veto the bill.

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