Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force – June 13th meeting

Please join us for the June 13th meeting of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force: Your input and participation are needed and valued.

Meeting Details:
Tuesday June 13th, 3 – 5 PM
IndependenceFirst, 540 S. 1st st. – note we are in rooms B and C, not the usual room “A”

Our agenda will include the following:

  • Mental Health Task Force Steering committee opening for a provider. Thank you to each of the talented individuals who were nominated – we hope each of you will become involved with the Task Force. The Steering Committee has advanced the names of two nominees who meet the position critieria. Nominees will speak to the task force, and members who attend regularly will complete ballots.

Note: If you are a regular participant in the Task Force and cannot attend Tuesday, you may email me to request a ballot and a packet with information about the nominees. Please contact email by end of business Monday.

  • ”Something to think about” segment, provided by Terri Elzey, as part of an ongoing series to support our work to advance inclusion.

  • “Race: the Power of an Illusion” DVD and discussion facilitated by Dr. Patricia McManus

  • Policy updates: County, state, and federal including Save Medicaid Day, Barbara Beckert

  • Patricia Obletz, a member of the CC4QP, community coalition 4 quality policing, will share with us the work of this new Coalition, including some upcoming opportunities to hear from author Michael Scott about moving from community policing per MPD to problem solving policing.

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