Just in from Tony Muhammad 12/30/14:

Everyone, please read the link below…


Mayor Barrett and Chief Flynn “Gestapo Police Officer” making late night visits targeting protesters at their homes, mainly unsung Milwaukee community advocate Khalil Coleman… “He (Khalil) recounted recent histories of killings in Milwaukee, from Derek Williams to Dontre Hamilton at the hands of police, to Corey Stingley and Darius Simmons at the hands of vigilantes. Consistent to all the tragic tales is the lack of charges against police or vigilantes who killed young black men, as if their lives don’t really matter. Khalil has been active in every one of these cases, and believes that he is now being targeted because of his fight to hold the police accountable. In fact, he is so visible that Police Chief Flynn referred to him, by name, in a press event, calling him an “opportunist and agitator.”

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