Key facts for election day

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Know Your Voter Rights:

1.) An accepted ID is required to vote, don’t forget it! Find out what’s acceptable here:

2.) You CAN register to vote at your polling site on Election Day.

3.) If you have problems with registration OR with your ID you have the right to ask for and cast a provisional ballot.

4.) WI Disability Vote Coalition is at the ready to assist you with any problems or questions! Call us toll free at 1–844–347–8683.

5.) Like our Facebook page to continue to get our updates!

Please encourage anyone to report disability-related voting access issues to our DRW’s toll-free hotline during polling hours on election day.

1–844-DIS-VOTE 1–844–347–8683

Here are resources to help you find out who’s providing FREE TRANSPORTATION to the polls:

1.) Mobility Managers: Contact Ashley Nedeau-Owen, 608–930–2191,

If you don’t know how to access these services, the Mobility Manager can help you. Not sure who to contact? Use the interactive map at Contact the Mobility Manager in your area to get information and find out if these rides are offered in your area.

2.) Common Cause Wisconsin has an extensive listing of organizations and community transit options all over the state who are offering rides to the polls:

Barbara Beckert, Milwaukee Office Director: DISABILITY RIGHTS WISCONSIN
6737 W. Washington St., Suite 3230, Milwaukee, WI 53214
414–773–4646 Voice ext 2724
414–773–4647 Fax

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