Lead Laterals Cost Thousands of Dollars to Replace. Why Did City Officials Cancel A Partnership Created To Help Homeowners?

By KINGFISHmke March 9, 2016

There is a mine field of toxic ticking bombs made up of lateral lead pipes mostly located in Milwaukee’s central city, and all City Hall can think of is adding more ortho-phosphate in the water to combat the toxic metals flowing through these lead lateral pipes.
The Mayor has been in office 12 years knowing 70,000 homes in Milwaukee have this underground menace and all city officials have done is add minerals to the water?

Believe it or not, there was an effort to help homeowners reduce out of pocket costs not too long ago, advocated and endorsed by Alderman Joe Davis.

Alderman Davis was able to move the Common Council to support a program that gave homeowners the option to buy a warranty protection program for sewer lines offered by the company Service Line Warranties of America.

According to Alderman Davis, the program was started to help property owners pay less to repair or replace sewer lines, but that the program was progressing to include water mains until city officials abruptly canceled the program in 2013.

Property owners in Milwaukee are responsible for the cost needed for repairing sewer lines and water mains that go from their home, to the point of connection with the city-owned main sewer and water mains.

The program partnered with the city to provide warranty protection offered by Service Line Warranties of America. The costs to homeowners wanting to take part in the city backed program was $9.50 a month, or $100 for a full year, or $8.33 a month. The protection program covered sewer line repairs up to $6,000, plus an additional allowance of $4,000 for public street cutting, if needed. The City of Milwaukee paid nothing to be part of this program.

In addition to not paying for the service, the City of Milwaukee received money fromService Line Warranties of America. The city received about $180,000 from Service Line Warranties of America which the city said it planned to use “to make some sizable repairs to sewer lines without any use of taxpayer dollars.”
Hmmm…where’s the money?

With the City of Milwaukee telling property owners they’ll be on the hook for the total cost to replace lead laterals, this program seems to have been a good fit for the City of Milwaukee and more importantly the homeowners of Milwaukee.

So why did City Hall end this program?

Come join us at our press conference at City Hall on Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 11:30am and listen to Alderman Joe Davis detail why ending this program was a big mistake.

Moderator: Robert Miranda, Community Leader and Activist
Speakers: Ald. Joe Davis, Elected Official

Sean Muhammad, Candidate for 15th Aldermanic District
Stephen Jensen, U.W. of Milwaukee Graduate Student
Laura Manriquez, Community Activist
Rev. Willie E. Brisco, Community Leader and Activist
Minister William Muhammad, Community Leader and Activist
Eugene Barufkin, Community Activist
Ron Henry, Community Activist
Angel Sanchez, Candidate for 12th Aldermanic District

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