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PeaceOfMind: MadisonActionDayPicturesAndMoreNextSteps

Madison Action Day pictures, and more next steps!

It has been a week since Madison Action Day 2017. Click HERE to see some pictures from the day. If you were there, you might see yourself! And, if you weren’t, you can see what you missed.

It was one of the largest and best such events we have ever had. We are still working through the evaluations and the reports from the scores of legislative visits that were made. It is already clear that the day made an impact. While we don’t know the final outcome of any of the issues we presented, we do know that our concerns were heard and, apparently, taken seriously by some. More striking is that participants obviously found great value in interacting with other WISDOM members, and feeling the power of belonging to such a large and diverse network of people of faith and good will.

Since Madison Action Day, more than 20 WISDOM members have offered testimony before the Joint Finance Committee in Platteville and West Allis regarding issues that are addressed in the budget. There are still four more opportunities to make your voice heard by those who are working on the state budget for the next two years. The remaining budget hearings are:

The hearings all start at 10 am. If you want to coordinate with other WISDOM people who might be going to the same hearing, call the WISDOM office at 414–831–2070 and we’ll help you connect.

On Madison Action Day, many people were also inspired to be more involved in some of our Issue Workgroups. Here are the times for upcoming conference calls:

New members are welcome to join the groups. Just dial in to 712–432–1601, and use the access code 423950# The calls all take just an hour. It is a good way to stay up-to-date on the issues, help fashion the next actions, and stay in touch with the others who share your values, concerns and hopes.

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