Madison’s new gift for the gun lobby

by Jeri Bonavia, Ex. Dir., WAVE, Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

They’re at it again

State senators just introduced a bill to repeal the 48-hour waiting period for buying a handgun.

Instead of working to fix our broken gun laws and save Wisconsin lives, they’ve apparently decided to waste more time working for the gun lobby.

And, unbelievably, they’re making the case for this meaningless gesture by touting the supposed strength of our criminal background check system! If they really believe that, the first thing they should do is close the glaring loopholes riddling our background check system.

Help mount an immediate public outcry: Tell Madison to stop wasting time while lives are on the line and get to work fixing our broken background check system.

Our legislators’ top priority should be the safety of Wisconsin families and communities, not the gun lobby’s reckless agenda.

And their first step should be obvious. Requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales in the state is the single most effective step we can take to reduce gun violence and save lives.

All it takes is a little Wisconsin common sense to see that. But it’s clear our leaders need a reminder.

Tell your legislators their first priority is to protect our families!

Legislators only have a few days to consider co-sponsoring this bill, so it’s urgent they hear from you right away.

Thanks for speaking up,

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