Make Election Advertising Count for Communities

By Bonnie Berglund Bruch

Election time is over and political candidates have spent millions, if not billions on TV, digital, radio and newspaper ads in Wisconsin during the pre-election season. According to the Journal/Sentinel two weeks ago, Ron Johnson spent $13,500,000 and Russ Feingold spent $10,150,000 on media ads during October 4-November 8, 2016. Imagine what the two candidates spent over the past 1˝ years.

Now, add the millions, if not billions, that Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan and all other Wisconsin politicians spent on political ads in Wisconsin during the past 1˝ year. A humongous amount of money has been reaped by selling TV, radio, digital media and newspapers ads.

And what are these media doing with their political ad earnings? Do they give any money back into their communities?

I propose that all the media, especially TV and radio, consider donating a certain percentage of money gained from election ads to the cities, counties and/or state where the ads were run. This donation could pay for infrastructure projects that need repairs, i.e., Wisconsin highways, roads, city streets, sewer repairs, lead abatements, park maintenance, or food banks, job training, social service agencies, etc.

It is probably too late for monies collected during this past election, but it could be arranged or legislated for the 2018 election. People who have been bombarded with political ads for the last 1˝ years would be very grateful to see the media use their cash bonanza to help our communities.

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