Make It Personal for Your Legislator

President Trump’s budget preview—aka the “skinny budget”—forecasts deep cuts to federal public
transportation funding. The proposal is potentially devastating to public transportation networks throughout the country.

Your member of Congress can stop the devastation—if they know you want them to push back against President Trump’s recommendations.

Legislators are back home for spring recess, and we want to bring our message about the importance of public transportation right to their local offices. Please follow the instructions below to mail or personally deliver a letter and fact sheet (“The Benefits of U.S. Public Transportation”) to each of your members of Congress:

Download the “Protect Public Transportation Funding Toolkit,” which includes a letter and fact sheet.
Print three copies each of the letter and fact sheet, one for each of your legislators.

Locate the closest office of each of your legislators by following this link.
U.S. Senator Ronald Johnson
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin
U.S. Representative Gwendolynne Moore

Hand-deliver or Mail the letter and fact sheet to each of your legislators. Physical letters — especially when they’re hand-delivered — stand out for legislators and their staff. Our message will make a stronger impact when you show that you’re dedicated enough to deliver or mail materials right to their offices.

Thank you very much for taking this important action right now. Even though we’re only at the beginning of the newest debate over public transit funding, making our voices heard early in the process can have a dramatic impact.

Voices for Public Transit will be engaged throughout budget negotiations to ensure that Congress doesn’t abandon its commitment to fund public transportation.

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