Make the Phones Ring off the Hook

We had a tremendous response to our call to action yesterday! Let’s keep it up. Today, we’re making the phones ring off their hooks in congressional offices.

Please call the toll-free Voices for Public Transit Action Hotline now at 888–443–5862 to deliver this message to Rep. Moore and Sens. Johnson and Baldwin:

“Increased, long-term funding for public transportation is essential. Please support a fully funded five-year transportation bill that includes an increased investment in public transit.”

It’s easy to use the Hotline. Just call 888–443–5862, listen to a brief message, and then you’ll be connected to your legislators’ offices.

Call Toll-free Now: 888–443–5862

Thank you for taking five minutes to call Congress! We’ll be in touch tomorrow with another action—helping you send a personalized letter in three easy steps.

Mantill Williams
Voices for Public Transit Community Coordinator

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