Making Public Transit A National Priority

By Rose Sheridan, Voices for Public Transit Community Leader

Voices for Public Transit launched just a few months ago—and we’re growing fast. We urge you chose to be part of our coast-to-coast movement to make public transportation a priority for our nation.

The U.S. faces many long-term challenges. While government leaders are divided on many issues, there is broad agreement that we need to support job growth, improve access to education and healthcare, and safeguard our environment for future generations. Improving public transportation can play a positive role in all of these endeavors!

But to win renewed support for public transportation, we must first move this issue to the top of the national agenda. And how do we do that? By building our movement one person—and one conversation—at a time.

On the Voices for Public Transit website, we’ve provided a range of tools to help make you a great advocate for public transit. We’ve also included several tips for engaging with your community. I encourage you to put these tools into action.

In addition, we want to hear from you. Tell us—and our larger community—about yourself and how you’re spreading the word about the importance of public transportation. You can share your story on our website and post to our Facebook page. Let’s work together to elevate our nation’s conversation about the importance of public transportation—now and for decades to come.

Please become a Voice for Public Transit. Thank you.

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