Follow up on March 14th transportation forum

Thank you to all who participated in our 3/14 meeting on transportation with guest speaker County Executive Abele and thanks to IndependenceFirst for hosting! The County Executive shared his vision for transportation in Milwaukee County and Wisconsin, and then there was an opportunity for questions - thanks to all who contributed! We followed this with a strategy meeting to discussion areas of shared concern and opportunity.

I have listed below some of the areas where we hope to continue to work together, and in some cases where we will follow up with the County Executive.

  • Paratransit Concerns and Audit Follow-up. As discussed at the meeting, Transit Plus was recently audited. It is important for the county to have a plan for implementing the recommendations of the audit, including improved complaint monitoring and resolution. In addition, the current eligibility and appeals process for Transit Plus is creating a barrier for individuals with disabilities and older adults to obtain transportation that is vital to their health, independence, and involvement in the community. A review of policies and procedures for eligibility assessments, and improved education is needed to ensure people with disabilities and older adults are able to obtain the transportation they need.

  • Stakeholder Involvement in Transit Services Contract Development. We encourage Milwaukee County to involve stakeholders, including people with disabilities, older adults, and service providers, in developing a new contract for transit services in Milwaukee County and to include stakeholders in decision making processes when it concerns public transportation. We hope the new contract will hold the provider to higher standards and provide more transparency. We strongly recommend that an independent organization provide quality assurance, including oversight of rider complaints, to provide improved accountability and transparency.

  • Southridge Bus stop concerns- A strategy meeting will be held on March 25th at 6:30 PM in Greendale to discuss next steps – see email from Jon Janowski below and attached flyer for details.
Also, for those who may be going to Southridge and are directly impacted by the remote location of the bus stop, Kathy Brockman asked us to share this information: Security will pick up passengers at the bus stop and return them there afterwards. Upon arrival, call 421–5603 for pick-up. Give a brief description of yourself. They drop off passengers at the Sears main entrance near the old bus stop. Call them and pick-up is at that location; they will return you to the bus stop. When I did this I only had to wait about five minutes each time.

Bus Card Transition. Many concerns were shared about the upcoming Milwaukee County Transit System Bus Card transition – paper tickets will eventually be eliminated. United Way prepared a document addressing this (see attached). The COC has been actively involved with this issue and a meeting is being held to discuss these concerns.
Here is the information I received about this meeting:
When: March 26th at 10 AM (note this is a change from the original date)
Where: Dr. Martin Luther King Center located on 17th and Vliet
RSVP requested to:
Reggie Moore
Center for Youth Engagement
4850 W. Fond Du Lac Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53216
P: 414.375.9166
F: 414.444.8728


The BUSS coalition’s petition, which is accumulating supporters by the day. The direct link for people to support the BUSS effort through is here:​​

Barbara Beckert, Milwaukee Office Director DISABILITY RIGHTS WISCONSIN
6737 W. Washington St., Suite 3230 Milwaukee, WI 53214
414–773–4646 Ext 15 Voice
888 758–6049 TTY
414–773–4647 Fax

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