March for Trump’s Taxes

We deserve to know — whatís hiding in President Trumpís tax returns?
The American people deserve answers about President Trumpís business dealings and assets. If we let him keep hiding his tax returns, itíll leave critical questions about his potential conflicts of interest and ties — or whether he paid taxes at all.

Thatís why on April 15th, Tax Day, thousands of Americans will take part in over 100 rallies nationwide to demand that the President come clean with the American people — including one near you. Can you join us? RSVP on Facebook today.

Milwaukee Tax March
Milwaukee County Courthouse
901 N 9th St
April 15th, 11:00 AM

The need for transparency and accountability from our elected officials isnít a left or right issue — which is why ethics experts and advocates from across the political spectrum have called on President Trump to follow decades of precedent and release his returns.

But heís still hiding them — insisting time and time again that the American people donít care whatís in them. This April 15th, we need to show him that this issue wonít go away until we get the answers we deserve.

I hope youíll join us on April 15th — together, we can make Donald Trump release his tax returns.

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