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PeaceOfMind: Mass-Supervision-Study-Released

A new report released today by the Justice Lab has found that Wisconsin has unusually high rates of community corrections supervision and reincarceration, adding considerably to the state’s prison populations and costing Wisconsin taxpayers millions annually.

Download the Full Report here, the Executive Summary here, and the Press Release here.

WISDOM and EXPO will present these findings, offer personal testimonies from those who experience these abuses, and strategize for change at events on Wednesday in Madison, Milwaukee and Eau Claire.

The Madison presentation of the report will be live-streamed by WisconsinEye:

Wednesday, January 23
10:00 am

“Mass Supervision” refers to the huge increase in the number of people who are on probation, parole or “extended supervision.” These are people who are not in a jail or prison, but who are under the control of the Corrections system. People on Supervision are deprived of some basic rights, such as the right to vote and the right to due process before being punished. The report shows that Wisconsin’s use of Supervision and of crimeless revocations is excessive, and presents safe, reasonable alternatives.

Authored by Jarred Williams, Vincent Schiraldi and Kendra Bradner, The Wisconsin Community Corrections Story investigates the historical context of community corrections in Wisconsin, and looks particularly at racial disparities in the state’s community supervision and revocation rates, which are higher than national disparity rates. It concludes with recommendations to shrink the footprint of community corrections in the state, reduce unnecessary incarceration of people under supervision, and reduce inequities.

Join us for Madison Action Day on Tuesday, March 26 to press for change in Wisconsin’s corrections policies!

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