Medicare has a problem

by Citizen Action of Wisconsin

By now you’ve probably heard that premiums for Medicare are about to skyrocket faster than they ever have in the program’s 50 years of operation. The reason is that Medicare has a Congress problem.

Without Congressional action, and because of quirks in federal law, Medicare premiums for 15 million are about to go up. And the cause is wholy conservative. Because conservatives have not allowed Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and have not reined in healthcare costs, we all are at risk of paying more.

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but with no Speaker of the House currently, Congress is in chaos. Senator Baldwin has introduced a bill to fix the problem but Senator Johnson has not promised to help this Medicare crisis.

That’s why Citizen Action and the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans will hold a media event this Thursday at 12:45pm outside his office on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in Milwaukee. Can you join?

If Senators like Ron Johnson don’t act to rein in healthcare and prescription drug costs, and don’t act to stop this Medicare premium hike, millions will struggle to afford basic coverage.

This is an important issue that we can’t let Ron Johnson ignore. Can you join us Thursday Downtown at 12:45pm?

We encourage you to RSVP to ensure that we can let you know if any details slightly shift. Thanks!

Kevin Kane
Lead Organizer: Citizen Action of Wisconsin

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