Mental Health Board Meetings: January 18, 2016, and January 25, 2016, Joint Meeting of the Task Forces on Local Public/Private Partnership and National Entity Partnership Agendas

Mental Health Task Force Update – Upcoming Mental Health Board Meetings

The Mental Health Board and BHD Administration have established two “task forces” which are moving forward with efforts to replace the acute care, OBS, and PCS (psychiatric emergency room) services now based at the Mental Health Complex with another entity which would “own and operate acute mental health services to include a psychiatric emergency department, observation beds, acute services for adults and acute services for children and adolescents, with a focus on high acuity and involuntarily detained patients. The solution must include use of an acute care facility. An ongoing contractual relationship would be created with Milwaukee County to meet statutory obligations overtime. The model could also include additional services desired within the community, but not necessarily funded by Milwaukee County.”

This is a major change in delivery of mental health services in Milwaukee County and it is important that there be active and meaningful involvement of stakeholders. We encourage you to attend the meetings related to this initiative and to share your priorities, concerns, and questions with members of the Mental Health Board and BHD leadership. To reach the Mental Health Board members, you may email them at A reminder that Kelly Davis is now representing the Mental Health Task Force on the Mental Health Board and in that role is interested in hearing from Task Force members with their questions, concerns, and ideas.

Two meetings are scheduled at this time:

1. The MHB Joint Task Forces on Local Public\Private Partnership and National Entity Partnership is meeting Monday, January 18, 2016 at 8 AM at the Mental Health Complex, Room 1045. The meeting is with a national vendor, Correct Care Recovery Solutions.

2. The MHB Joint Task Forces on Local Public\Private Partnership and National Entity Partnership is meeting Monday January 25, 2016 at 12:30 PM at the Mental Health Complex, Room 1045. The meeting is with a national vendor, Liberty Healthcare Corporation.

Meeting agendas are posted on the Board’s web site at:—Documents1.htm

For background, we encourage you to read the packet from the January 4th meeting of the Task Forces as it lists the members of the Task Forces and draft charters. It is online at: At this time membership in the Task Forces is limited to Mental Health Board members and to BHD staff – it does not include other community members. Mary Neubauer, our Mental Health Task Force representative on the Board, had been serving on National Entity Partnership Task Force, and now Kelly Davis will serve on that Task Force.

Open Meetings Compliance

The first Task Force meeting (11/30/2015) was primarily held in a closed session and meeting agendas for upcoming meeting indicate that portions of these meetings may be in closed session and cite the following statutory language: “Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes Section 19.85(1)(e), the Taskforce may adjourn into Closed Session for the purpose of deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties, the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session as it relates to the following matters.” There are very specific guidelines regarding compliance with Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law. To better understand the law, you can refer to Wisconsin Open Meetings Law: A Compliance Guide Page 21 addresses “Conducting public business with competitive or bargaining implications”.

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