Mental Health Board to meet on 11/19 - will include opportunity for Public Comment

Mental Health Task Force Update

The next meeting of the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 10:00am at Milwaukee Public Schools Central Services Administration Building, 5225 W. Vliet St. I have attached the agenda and it also available online at

The agenda indicates that Public Comment will be heard on the following item:

Priority topics for Milwaukee County Mental Health Board focus:
a. Outcomes, Data, and Reports
b. 2015 Budget Process
c. Mental Health Redesign Goals
d. Community Initiatives
e. Reports from Committees

This Public Comment agenda item is a great opportunity for community members to share with Board Members their perspective on priorities for the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board – we encourage you to attend and to share your views with the Board and help support them in their important work.

The Mental Health Task Force took an active role when the legislation creating the board (Wisconsin Act 203) was crafted – a copy of Act 203 is attached for your reference. To refresh your memories, the duties of the Board as defined in the legislation are to include the following – please make note of the text in bold which is especially key to the Board’s mission :

(1s) DUTIES OF THE BOARD. The Milwaukee County mental health board shall do all of the following:

(a) Oversee the provision of mental health programs and services in Milwaukee County.
(b) Allocate moneys for mental health functions, programs, and services in Milwaukee County within the mental health budget as defined in sub. (4) (a) 2.
© Make the final determination on mental health policy in Milwaukee County.
(d) Replace the Milwaukee County board of supervisors in all mental health functions that are typically performed by a county board of supervisors.
(e) Facilitate delivery of mental health services in an efficient and effective manner by making a commitment to all of the following:
1. Community−based, person−centered, recovery−oriented, mental health systems.
2. Maximizing comprehensive community−based services.
3. Prioritizing access to community−based services and reducing reliance on institutional and inpatient care.
4. Protecting the personal liberty of individuals experiencing mental illness so that they may be treated in the least restrictive environment to the greatest extent possible.
5. Providing early intervention to minimize the length and depth of psychotic and other mental health episodes.
6. Diverting people experiencing mental illness from the corrections system when appropriate.
7. Maximizing use of mobile crisis units and crisis intervention training.
(f) Attempt to achieve costs savings in the provision of mental health programs and services in Milwaukee County.
(g) Cooperate and consult with the department on recommendations for and establishing policy for inpatient mental health treatment facilities and related programs in Milwaukee County.

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