You are invited to a public hearing in Milwaukee

To share what you know about the challenges facing low income residents in southeastern Wisconsin when they need legal help with critical civil (not criminal) legal problems. The event is being organized by the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission. We want to hear from you!

When: September 13, 2012, 5:00 - 7:30 PM
Where: Marquette University Law School, Appellate Courtroom, 1215 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee

Your experiences, suggestions and insights on issues of housing, safety, family, employment and more are important to us. Who is finding help? Who is falling through the cracks? What impact has finding, or not finding, legal help made in your life or the lives of the people you serve? What is Wisconsin doing well for its low-income or vulnerable residents who need help with civil legal issues? What should we all be doing? How are you helping to meet the civil legal needs of those who cannot help themselves?

This is your chance to tell the panel of Commission members and community leaders that we’ve assembled what’s important to you or to the people you serve.

The Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission was created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the State Bar of Wisconsin to develop and encourage means of expanding access to the civil justice system for low income Wisconsin residents. You can find out more about us at

The purposes of this hearing are to:

(1) Gather information about and raise awareness of access to justice issues in Wisconsin, the current availability of civil legal services and the unmet need for legal services;

(2) Form an active network of advocates for access to justice and civil legal services; and

(3) Advance the Commission’s work, mission, and statements of values.

Please consider attending and speaking at this event. Share your knowledge, experiences and insights on the importance of access to justice.

We encourage you to register in advance to speak at the hearing so that we can manage the hearing time efficiently for everyone.

We hope to see you on September 13 at the hearing. Contact us at if you have questions about how to participate in or support this event

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