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Milwaukee County 2018 Budget Update

Milwaukee County is facing some difficult choices with the 2018 budget, and there is the possibility of significant cuts to services. This is an important time to share your priorities with your county supervisor and to attend the October 30th Public hearing. Most County Supervisors have a newsletter and hold their own meetings to hear from constituents about budget priorities. Check out your supervisors’ web site and ask if they are hosting a budget listening session.

  • Milwaukee County Board weighs $15 million in spending cuts for 2018 budget,

  • Find out who your county supervisor is and contact them with your priorities:

  • The Finance and Audit Committee is holding budget meetings in October. Finance and Audit Committee members include: Peggy A. West, Chair, and Sheldon A. Wasserman, Vice Chair, Michael Mayo, Sr., Willie Johnson, Jr., Jason Haas, Supreme Moore Omokunde, Sequanna Taylor. Meeting times and agendas are posted on Legistar at

  • Attend the October 30th County Board Public Hearing on the Budget and register to speak, to support funding for your budget priorities:

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