Milwaukee County Immigration Resolution


We are asking that you take action on a Milwaukee County Resolution that will be up for a vote this week, May 24th, and that seeks to change the draconian rules regarding ICE detainers for undocumented peoples. The resolution was born from a request made by Voces de la Frontera to supervisors Peggy West and Marina Dimitrijevic for County level legislation that would change the way local police interact with ICE (Federal Immigration Enforcement).

Currently, an ICE detainer can be issued to anyone (that can’t prove they are in the country lawfully) who is booked into custody at the local or county level even if detained for a minor offense; most of which are traffic violations or are proven innocent of the charge. There are several reasons why issuing an ICE detainer is impractical; people are being placed in removal proceedings, deported, separated from their families and treated like criminals for something as small as driving without a license. Another drawback is that it costs Milwaukee county taxpayers money and harms the immigrant community by instilling the fear of deportation and takes focus away from efforts to keep real criminals off the streets. These are problems that the resolution aims to solve.

Currently, the bill has passed in committee and will be taken up by the full Milwaukee County board members on May 24th at 10am.

We need to secure 10 votes and obtain the County Executive’s support, if it passes. If it is vetoed we would need 13 votes to override the veto. It has a good chance and with your help, we can make this happen. So far there are 6 votes secured and there are 6 additional county board members who we believe could come on board. We need to generate 20 calls or emails per supervisor below. In addition, we are working to secure a coalition meeting with County Executive.

Here is how you can help: Personally contact and organize individuals who live in the district to call or email their appointed county supervisor to support this resolution which will go to the board on May 24th. These are the individuals who need to be contacted:

County SupervisorDistrictPhone #Email
David Bowen10th(414) 278–
Michael Mayo7th(414) 278–
Russell Stamper5th(414) 278–
David Cullen15th(414) 278–
Theodore Lipscomb1st(414) 278–

You can also show solidarity by attending the hearing on May 24th. and be here on the day that the board will approve the resolution: Thursday May 24th at 9am at: Milwaukee County Courthouse 901 North 9th Street, RM 201 Milwaukee, WI 53233.

Many thanks for your support,

Voces de la Frontera

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