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Milwaukee’s Black elected officials need backbone

By Robert Miranda and Chris Johnson from KINGFISHmke

November 3, 2015

In December 2014, more than 150 African American Congressional staffers staged a walkout to gather on the Capitol steps in a display of unity to decry the deaths of black men at the hands of police officers.

The protest followed large demonstrations in New York and other major cities, all held to speak out against police brutality. 

Almost a year later, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke announced to the world during a FOX News segment that there is no police brutality in America and that the Black Lives Matter movement is a Black mobilization that will eventually link up with terrorist group ISIS. 
No! We’re not making this up. 

David (the Manchurian Sheriff) Clarke is on a mission to not only advance his personal political ambitions, he’s also looking to dismantle legitimate voices of police brutality. During his rant, Clarke cites unnamed studies that he claims legitimizes his declaration. To this date, those “studies” have not been identified.

However, the Cato Institute, a public policy research organization — a think tank – dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace, has a project that tracks police misconduct and brutality on a daily basis nationally, and refutes the ignorant, unsubstantiated rhetoric espoused by Clarke.

But this is who the current sheriff is. He’s been making these kinds of inaccurate comments for several years. Clarke does so because he knows the fanatical right-wing white voter loves his comments, especially when he speaks disparagingly about the Black community. 

Isn’t it time for Wisconsin to know that the majority of Black people do not agree with Sheriff Clarke? Isn’t it time for Milwaukee’s Black elected leaders to come together with Black community leaders in front of the County Court House to condemn Clarke’s wild assertions and crazy Black community alliance with ISIS?

Where are the leaders of the Black community?

Milwaukee Black elected official provides litany of excuses for not responding

Within hours of KINGFISHmke posting the article, “Cowardly Milwaukee Black elected officials say nothing about Sheriff Clarke’s absurd remarks,” one senior Milwaukee Black elected official (BEO) responded. They, along with their colleagues, should have renounced Clarke’s vicious and illogical statements about police brutality not existing since the 1960s with similar expediency.
This supports another commonly believed perception of the Milwaukee BEO, which is that they are only concerned with preserving their jobs and not advocating for their constituents who they are elected to represent.

Take a closer look at the BEO voting record as it pertains to improving the communities within their districts. All City of Milwaukee Black Alderpersons, except Joe Davis, voted for the public financing of the three-mile-long downtown streetcar, yet none of the Black Alderpersons constituents will benefit from this boondoggle. The only people who benefit from this are the existing construction companies, which do not hire these BEOs’ constituents, downtown real estate owners, eastsiders, and the downtown tourist industry.

Every single BEO, except State Rep. David Bowen, voted to approve financing for the New York billionaire Bucks owners, once again with no benefit for their constituents. Note: Milwaukee BEOs voted for giving taxpayer dollars to a bunch of out-of-town billionaires before making desperately needed infrastructure improvements in their own districts, such as plugging pot holes or crime reduction and neighborhood safety improvements, such as rehabilitating boarded-up abandoned homes.

With Democratic representation like this, who needs Republicans?

Response to said Black Elected Official

The BEO starts with, “I didn’t read the story yet just the headline but I wanted to say immediately …” Shouldn’t people read a document before they respond to it? This might explain the BEOs’ poor voting record as it pertains to representing their constituents. Voting on legislation before you read it, or relying on others to interpret for them can lead to a reckless, clueless lawmaker blindly making decisions on important issues.

The BEO then continues, “How about some people didn’t see it or hear about it, because they are Too busy trying to keep up with all the bs going on in madison and don’t have time to respond to all of clarke’s stupid comments because there are so many and we would be working on comments all the time LOL. Between session, committees, conferences and life I have been swamped with keeping up and fighting a cold.”

Are they insinuating that they are not aware of what is going on in their own community? If the BEOs and their colleagues are unable to manage their time efficiently to meet all of the obligations of being an elected official, they should step down and let someone who can manage the responsibilities of holding an elected official position.

It is without question that Sheriff Clarke has made a number of “bs” comments about President Obama, Obamacare, the Second Amendment and bizarre statements about Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele suffering from “penis envy.” No one is suggesting that any BEO is required to comment about those kinds of irrational and inappropriate statements.

However, when Sheriff Clarke, Milwaukee County’s top law enforcement officer, comes out and attacks the Black community by belittling this community’s cry for basic human rights and justice this, if any, is the time to stand up united and speak out adamantly against this type of damaging rhetoric. Milwaukee’s Black elected officials did not say a word, as they have failed to do on most occasions when real leadership is required. These Black elected officials obviously do not realize this, thus their silence speaks volumes. They should be voted out of office.

The message goes on with more excuses and ends with a solicitation from a business offering legal services and a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, who coincidentally, was not very fond of Black people.

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