My promise to you

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It isn’t enough to talk of peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it. —Eleanor Roosevelt

I promise you: The bright, hopeful, safer future you imagined is still well within reach. Believe in it. And then, work for it.

We each have a role to play. Mine begins with this personal vow to you:

I promise that, with your help, I will continue to work for neighborhoods, streets, homes and schools free from the ravages of gun violence. I will not waver in my determination to fight for the safer future our children and grandchildren deserve.

I know some people are worried about what’s to come, but remember this: We — you and I — have not changed. We are still the same people — people who care deeply, passionately about fairness and trust, about decency and humanity.

We might have to work harder than ever to create the kind of security and peace we want for ourselves and our children. So be it. Then that’s exactly what we’ll do. Shoulder to shoulder.

WAVE is your partner, and, with undiminished respect, love and courage, we’ll fight tirelessly for the kind of future we all imagine.

Today, tomorrow, for as long as it takes.


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