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PeaceOfMind: MySisterMyFriend

My Sister My Friend

By Megan Dwyer-Cossou

We grew together,
The little sister,
I never had.

Yes I want to be there for her, but I donít want to feel.
How can I explain this to her baby girl,
How can I explain this to myself.

Just when happiness came her way.

She counsels people with terminal illness,
She always sees the beauty within her day,
She loves her family,
She will not run away.

Iím telling you,
I want to break something,
Slam it up against the wall.
I want to unleash this mess, as I freefall backwards,
Knowing I must move forward.

So donít slap this face, because itís been slapped before,
Donít make it sound hopeful,
Donít make it sound nice,
Donít make it easy,
Please donít tell me my little sister has Lupus.
Please God, I donít know what to say.
Shall I say anything at all.

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