NRA receives your tax $ to bring guns to Milwaukee

from Jeri Bonavia, Wisconsin Anti-Violence Education,

Did you know your taxpayer dollars are funding the “guns everywhere” agenda of the extremist National Rifle Association? It’s true.

The NRA’s three-day Carry Guard Expo and concealed carry fashion show will be at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee later this month. The Wisconsin Center is owned by the Wisconsin Center District, a governmental body reliant on taxpayer funds.

That means your hard-earned dollars are funding the promotion of extremist gun views. In addition, while the Wisconsin Center usually does not allow visitors to carry firearms, the District board has put the profits of the NRA above the safety of taxpayers and relaxed the rules—just for this expo.

PETITION TO THE WISCONSIN CENTER DISTRICT BOARD: Encouraging thousands of visitors to downtown Milwaukee to carry firearms goes too far! As a taxpayer, I insist that the prohibition on firearms in the Wisconsin Center be enforced for all events, including the upcoming NRA expo. Stop putting the profits of the NRA above the safety of the public.

>>Click here to automatically sign the petition, telling the Wisconsin Center District board that the public’s interests should come first, not the NRA’s.

There is absolutely no excuse for this, especially in a city still reeling from the shootings of two young children in recent weeks.

Citizens should not and cannot tolerate the use of taxpayer dollars to promote an organization that advocates unregulated access to dangerous firearms and demands that the firearm safety rules not apply to them.

>>Click to automatically add your name to the petition to Wisconsin Center District letting them know this goes too far!

We must persist, resist, and insist that the Wisconsin Center District prioritize the public’s interests over the NRA’s.


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