New chance to fix a broken gun law

by Jeri Bonavia WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

“In 11 states with waiting periods, the longer the waiting period, the lower the gun suicide rate.” -The New York Times [1]

That’s the indisputable finding of a new study in The American Journal of Public Health. And it offers all the evidence we need to demand our lawmakers fix what they broke and reinstate the cooling-off period for gun purchases that they repealed earlier this year.

One of our allies in Madison just introduced a bill to restore this lifesaving family protection law. But the deadline for co-sponsors is THIS FRIDAY — so your legislators need to know, today, that you expect them to sign on.

Tell your state legislators to follow the facts — and throw their support into restoring Wisconsin’s 48-hour cooling-off period for handgun buyers.

If you have any doubt our elected leaders are misinformed about the lifesaving impact of Wisconsin’s waiting period, just read Rep. Mike Rohrkaste’s justification for voting to repeal it:

“There was really no evidence that the 48-hour rule really prevented or saved anybody [from gun violence]…” [2]

They want evidence? We have evidence!

Tell your state representative and senator to co-sponsor LRB−3084 to restore the critical 48-hour cooling-off period for handgun purchases in Wisconsin.

Our elected leaders need to know they made a terrible mistake — and fix it, before more lives are lost.

Let’s go,


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